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How Checkkarlo for Employee Background Verification work?

The benefits of background screening.

Background screening is a combination of several background checks and feedback, which weaves a network of information around an individual. The information is finally presented in form of a structured report, allowing you to make an informed decision.

A look at the challenges and benefits of enabling real-time employment verification of candidates during the recruitment process.

Moving the verification process into the digital age.

With on-demand information made available 24 X 7, there is no more waiting to get a background check report.

The final report stays in the Checkkarlo database for your future use. Also for your convenience report will be available online on your account, which can be accessed 24/7 by using your login id and password.

The Typical Hiring Process today.

The wait doesn’t always end well. Two weeks into the new job, the individual is called into the manager’s office and politely asked to leave. Why: there is a discrepancy highlighted in the information provided for verification.

Your information and your records will become a portable asset for you, which you can access as per your convenience.

No More Employment History Verification Required

It’s not that easy in real. Especially, it becomes tough on those occasions where the companies mentioned by the applicant exist no more. At the same time, it’s also a fact that some employers don’t just respond to any such request made by a third party agency. They need thorough clarification and sometimes written assurance as well. This is so as there remains every chance of misusing the detail.

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