Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of background screening?

Background screening is a combination of several background checks and feedback, which weaves a network of information around an individual. The information is finally presented in form of a structured report, allowing you to make an informed decision;

  • Screening mitigates future risk
  • Reduces occurrence of untoward incidents and crime
  • Prevents fraudulent representation of documents
  • Assists you hire the right person for a job
  • Brings transparency amongst both parties
  • Builds great and lasting relations
  • Builds a secure environment around your working place or residence
  • Helps in finding the individual in case of untoward incidents and crime
Can I request a check on someone without his/her knowledge?

No, works on the principle of consent and to process any request an Individual/Self Consent Mobile OTP verification is required.

How long do your background checks take?

Each check can be conducted within 1 - 10 business days. Processing times may extend upto 3-4 weeks in case of delays in academic and employment verifications. Primary reasons for delay from education university HR departments at companies are caused due to holidays, festivals, data not available, overload of verification requests. These scenarios occur in about 5% of the cases conducted. India is undergoing rapid transformation due to digital India initiative. This is bringing about widespread changes in the way background checks are conducted today. Relevant databases such as criminal, education, and employment will soon lead to instant data availability.

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