Background Check Services

Professional Services

Our employee screening solution enables companies to run due diligence on candidates to uncover fraud

Enterprise Services

Our employee screening solution for large corporates with 1000+ total employee strength

Simple Verification Process

Nearly half of businesses who conduct background screening report improved regulatory compliance. We provide compliance expertise to satisfy industry standards and governmental requirements.


1. Create account with basic details.

2. Users access our secure platform with their individual username and password.

Fill Information

1. Provide all relevant information and supporting documents for checks

2. Consent of the individual being verified is required

Get Result

1. Track the progress of your case

2. View an intuitive report from my account page

Why Choose CheckKarlo for Background Checks

We’re a technology company first, so building delightfully easy user experiences is in our DNA. We make it quick and simple to set up your account and automate many common workflows to save you time.

Automated Process

We deliver awesome customer experiences that exceed expectations.


We don’t compromise our integrity. We do things the right way and don’t come close to crossing the line.


We always look for ways to improve every aspect of our business and organization. We are never satisfied with the status quo.

Data with Integrity

CheckKarlo background screening proficiency and extensive verification processes mean our customers can feel comfortable they’re working with thorough, meaningful results.

Fast Turnaround Times

To help customers make decisions even faster, we deliver quality-checked real-time results as they are available, accelerate communications between third parties, and can leverage mobile-first technology to speed the time to hire.

Compliance-driven Solutions

Risk mitigation while building your employment brand is a key pillar of strong hiring. CheckKarlo proactively develops products and services that meet current and future screening needs.

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How long do your background checks take

How long do your background checks take

Each check can be conducted within 1 - 10 business days. Processing times may extend upto 3-4 weeks in case of delays in academic and employment verification.

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Welcome to a Smarter Approach to Background Checks

Whether you are with a Fortune 100+ corporation, a mid-size organization or a small business, Checkkarlo offers smart, award winning and comprehensive background check that enable you to focus on what’s most important — managing your organization’s risk and making the best employment decisions.

Our innovative and on-demand solutions put you in the driver’s seat, providing you with the features and services required to efficiently and effectively manage your background screening program and make smarter decisions fast.

Always protect your business. Screening your potential employee via a thorough background check allows your human resources department to make the right decisions to avoid lawsuits and other pitfalls.

Hiring decisions should be made with confidence, and companies from across the country rely on CheckKarlo to provide them with trustworthy insight.

Hire or Join with Confidence using our Customizable Background Checks

We specialize in providing fast, customized solutions for your hiring needs. Whether you’re a large or small company, our specialists assist HR departments to ensure you have the best talent in your industry.

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Lamborghini Urus-The SUV super athlete (unveil)